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My favorite place to visit is one i haven’t been to before

I’ve loved planning trips ever since I was a kid. It started with planning a road trip to visit national parks out west. My most recent trip is an extended family trip for 12 of us to Italy. In 2018, after working in the nonprofit and corporate worlds, I decided to change directions and stay home with my 3 year-old twins. Without the demands of an office job, I started planning family trips. I realized I could turn my passion into a career so in 2019 I decided to make it official and become a travel agent.

Of course then the pandemic hit and upended the travel industry. While I continued planning personal trips, I decided to pause my business while the world recovered.  Now in 2022, I’m ready to get back to planning amazing trips for my clients.

My expertise is with Disney, family/multi-generational travel and eco-tourism. Since taking the boys for their first Disney trip in 2019, I’ve returned three times. I love the bonding and memories created when traveling with family so I’ve planned trips to Thailand, Boston and Italy with extended family. My concern for the environment and animal welfare has lead me to seek out places that engage in responsible tourism and conservation efforts. Even if your trip isn’t in my area of expertise, I have numerous contacts and resources available to make the trip you envision, a reality. 


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At the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. In researching elephant interactions, I found the discussion of elephant sanctuaries to be complex. While there are pros and cons, a definite con is not considering elephant welfare. As tourists become more educated, demand for riding or bathing has dropped since these activities can negatively impact elephant welfare. 

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